God's Woman

god's woman gods woman Apr 19, 2022

Have you ever looked at a happy couple and saw the glowing smile on the woman's face that declared how proud she was to be standing there with the man she loves? It is as if you can actually see the inside of her heart pumping love and saying "this is my man and I am his woman". 

That image invokes different reactions in those who observe. For the person also in love, they smile to themselves knowing the feeling and happiness that is felt. However, those who have never been in love experience a feeling of longing to feel what the woman is feeling. Those who have been in love and lost the one they loved either in death or to someone else are sadden by the image because it reminds them of what they had and is no more.

As women, we have been created for relationship. If we are not in a relationship then we are seeking one because it is part of our nature. That is the part of us most like God. He created man to have someone to be in a relationship...

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